Is Testosterone Therapy Right for Me?

February 21, 2019

Let’s do everyone a favor right now, testosterone is incredibly powerful.  It is responsible for so much good in every person.  We all have it at one level or another, and genetics play a major role in what kind of levels someone carries.  So, let’s sweep the professional athlete using testosterone psychosis under the rug.  I would bet, there are multiple professional athletes with incredibly high levels of natural testosterone in their body. Generally, someone athletically gifted, carrying a solid amount of muscle mass, will have elevated levels of testosterone, I would also bet, that there are multiple professional athletes who, when supplemented with testosterone wouldn’t even be to the levels of some other athletes naturally. Let’s all get off of our high horses, people are either incredibly advantaged, or disadvantaged in the hormone game, but no one should be kept from achieving the optimal levels of those hormones because of misinformation regularly propagated societally.

My hormone journey is a unique one.  In my mid 20’s I was diagnosed with cancer.  Post cancer treatment, my body’s natural ability to produce testosterone completely tanked.  I was in the best years of my life, with the testosterone levels of a 75-year-old man.  What’s even more unfortunate, is my testosterone level was considered in the “normal” range.  Let’s get this straight, the “normal” range is completely outdated, normal is 250-1000 of total testosterone, quite broad, what it doesn’t also say is, that’s normal from teenage years until death.   Current medical practice sees “normal” and does nothing.  Let me tell you what “low normal” did to my mid 20’s body.

I became socially withdrawn.  I had no idea I was doing this either.  I didn’t realize when I walked into a room, I went and sat in the corner, I didn’t engage with people, I really wasn’t happy.   What medical professionals tried to tell me was “it is quite regular for people post cancer, to be incredibly depressed”.  I had just beat cancer by the way, I should be on cloud 9.  I started having libido and sexual performance issues. Post cancer I was very motivated from a fitness perspective, and my body was not adapting at all.  I was sore for days with what seemed like the most un intense workout and never felt stronger.  I rapidly redistributed fat around my mid-section.   Again, “normal”.  I finally got aggressive with my doctors, and I say doctors in the plural because the medical community is so ill equipped to actually help a man who is seeking hormonal help.  I got in yelling arguments with these “professionals” regarding my normal testosterone levels.  I supplied them with clinical data and medical journal entries I could find on testosterone contradicting their opinion.  Obviously, they didn’t like a Google doctor arguing against a medical professional.  I finally found a doctor willing to help with testosterone.  

Wow, what a difference it made, for 3 days. This new doc, while well intentioned, had no idea how to treat hormone deficiency.  I would get an injection at a low level, once every 2-3 weeks.  I would feel good for 2 days, then crash to what I felt was lower.  I got blood work again, and after starting testosterone replacement therapy, my numbers actually dropped.  I finally got to the point that I looked for clinics to help that focused on TRT.  I went through multiple, I had one that just wanted to give me a shot and take my money, another that would have given me as much as I wanted to the point of unhealthy, and another that would actively work with my concerns.  

I finally found a practitioner who understood the uniqueness of each individual.  He listened to my goals, understood my passion, and made those things happen with the best blood markers I’ve ever had.  That relationship created the birth of VIOS, a patient whose life was changed by adequate testosterone management, fueled by a practitioner with the know how to get it done.   Now why is it important to find someone who looks at health as the key indicator to success?   Testosterone is so powerful, but it also carries risks if not intelligently monitored.  It can increase the thickness of your blood, causing potential cardiovascular issues down the line.  It can convert to estrogen, and excess estrogen in men can lead to bloat, moodiness and gynecomastia.  Testosterone can also have adverse effects on cholesterol, potentially raising HDL and decreasing LDL.  Now these are risks, however when equipped with the education from practitioner understanding the full cause and effect of all aspects surrounding hormones, are almost completely mitigated with intelligent protocols and care.   So, what benefits do you stand from this kind of help?   Here’s how it changed my life:

  1. Mood – I felt normal, I could talk, I wouldn’t socially isolate
  2. Energy – I felt better in the gym and at home.  I didn’t have the regular 3pm fall asleep uncontrollably dilemma anymore.
  3. Libido – High school was awesome; I feel like that all of the time now.
  4. Recovery - My body responds to workouts quickly and visibly.  My body has changed dramatically with the help of optimized hormone levels.
  5. Nutrition – For the first time in my life, I cared about what I put into my body, because I knew I had a hormone that would put that fuel to work.
  6. Confidence – This can fall under mood if you want, but it’s important enough to me to mention separately.  The animal kingdom is driven by those that possess the most assertive attitudes and behaviors.  Testosterone is the driver behind all successful species and its survival.  As a man, you will feel a drive and confidence in all you do.

So, let’s again address the elephant in the room, we are not in the business of making body builders, we are in the business of making men work like they are supposed to.  Testosterone will allow your body to adjust to whatever stimulus you decide to put into it.  Whether that’s running, swimming, cycling, weightlifting, bodybuilding, or wrestling with your kids.  Don’t waste years thinking you need to wait until your best years have passed you by.  Get optimized now, so that your 30’s-60’s can feel the same.


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