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There can be a lot of questions when it comes to making big changes with your health. Below are a few of the most common questions we get. If there's something else on you mind, give us a call or shoot us an email. We're here to help.

How Can We Help? 

Do you take insurance? 

We do not currently accept insurance. We will provide documentation should you desire to submit a claim for your insurance to review.

Do you take HSA/FSA?

Yes, we accept FSA and HSA. Upon request, we will provide itemized invoicing for transaction validation.

How much does it cost?

The initial consultation cost is $200. This covers your first and second visit as well as the clinician’s review of your results and the development of your customized treatment plan.

Your first treatment and on-going monthly subscription are $170 per month. Affordable monthly pricing is available for optional or advanced treatment programs.

What about clinics that offer free consultations and tests?

While we can’t comment on all clinics, many of the “free” consultations are anything but. First, you’ll often pay fees for blood labs and other services during your first visit. Additionally, your consultation is normally just a quick conversation then sending you off for blood work. The way we see it, there’s not a whole lot of value in that. Even if it is “free”.

By the end of your second visit with VIOS, you have a customized Pathway treatment plan that’s been developed using a multi-point evaluation of your health history, lab results and goals. You’ll also be provided personalized protocols for nutrition, training, sleep, stress management and more. This is far from a plug-and-play solution. It requires time and medical expertise to ensure you’re set up for success from day one.

What's included in my monthly subscription?

Included in your monthly subscription is your treatment medications and prescriptions, nutrition, fitness and sleep protocols, on-going updates to your Pathway program, access to our medical experts and scheduled one-on-one consultations with your medical advisor.

Do I need a referral from my doctor? 

No. While a specialist or primary care physician may recommend seeking out our services, no referral or formal process is required to get started.  

Should I bring anything with me to my initial consultation?

We’ll need your driver’s license, and your patient intake paperwork detailing current medications and a summary of your health history. We'll email you all your paperwork prior to your appointment.

How long is the first appointment?

Your initial consultation usually lasts around 30 minutes.

What happens at my initial consultation?

After collecting and reviewing your vitals, medical history and current medications, our clinician will discuss your goals and draw blood to determine treatment moving forward.

How long will it take to get my lab results back? 

Results are typically available within 7-10 business days.

How soon can I expect to see results from my treatment? 

Most patients start feeling better within the first few weeks. Body composition will change over several months as your hormone levels are optimized and protocols implemented.

How do I get my medications? 

As a patient, most of your prescribed medications can be delivered directly to your home or office. Other prescriptions will be sent to your desired pharmacy for processing and pick up at your convenience.

How do I reschedule my appointment?

Appointments can be rescheduled by calling our office.

Can I communicate with my medical advisor between appointments?

Yes. However, advice and treatment cannot be provided over email. Appointments between pre-scheduled check-ins can be scheduled online or by calling us directly.

Do you charge consultation fees after my first two visits? 

No. Consultation with your medical advisors are included as part of your monthly subscription.

What’s your cancellation policy for consultations?

We have a 24-hour cancellation policy for all scheduled consultations with medical advisors. Patients cancelling within 24 hours of the scheduled appointment will be charged $100. Cancellations made prior to this will not be charged. Clinic office hours are Monday to Friday 10AM through 6PM.  

I don’t live near a VIOS clinic, can I still be a patient?

Yes. We offer video consultations and can assist with instructions for getting your blood work done at a lab near you. Currently, our services are available to patients in Arizona. Stay tuned for announcements as we expand services into additional states.

Can I get treatment without blood work?

Unfortunately, no. Blood work is the only method for determining whether or not you are a candidate for treatment as well as accurately monitoring and optimizing your program over time.

Is lab work included with my monthly subscription?

Lab work is not included in your monthly plan. Lab fees are $150 for our recommended tests. More advanced lab work may incur additional costs.

Can I provide my own lab work?

Yes, we will accept lab results from reputable laboratories or outside clinics provided the results are less than 60 days old and panels provide results for testosterone(free/total), CBC, CMP, estradiol, SHBG and PSAs.

Can I travel with testosterone or other medications?

Yes. TSA has no provision limiting or banning air travel with TRT or other medications. It’s recommended that you bring a copy of your prescription and/or keep medications in their pharmacy provided packaging.  

Can I cancel my monthly subscription?

Of course. We hate to see you go but simply send us a written notice 30 days prior to your next billing date and we'll be sure to process your cancellation.

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"I've been to a number of different clinics but never felt like I was getting my money's worth. That's not the case here. The quality of care and level of service has always exceeded my expectations."

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All my doctor kept telling me was everything was fine. But I didn't feel fine. The guys at VIOS helped me figure out how out of whack my hormones were. Since balancing everything out, I've never felt better." 

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"I'd give up my gym membership, my cell phone and life in a box before giving up my spot at VIOS. After feeling flat for so many years, I never want to go back.

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