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a Personalized approach to Complete health care.

It's all in the science.

Losing weight, building muscle, reducing stress, enhancing focus and performance and improving sexual health are a few of the most common goals we hear.

But men's bodies are complex. Solving for any one of these objectives requires both a broad and targeted review of the biological, social and behavior variables necessary to optimize your health.

With a complete view of where you are and where you want to be, our certified medical experts can develop your customized Pathway™ to the new you.

What's my Pathway?

Your VIOS Pathway™ is an individual roadmap for aligning and optimizing your treatment program to your goals. It relies upon hard data, incremental testing and your on-going feedback to provide a system that's both simple to follow and guaranteed to deliver results.

Getting Started with VIOS

Your first step to change is a simple as giving us a call or scheduling your initial appointment online. We understand your time is valuable can provide in-office as well as virtual consultations to start the development of your Pathway™. Your first year with VIOS will look something like this: 



Our first step on your pathway, is to listen. We want to understand your lifestyle, goals and vision for total health. We’ll review your medical history and run tests to establish how we will customize your whole health treatment plan to meet your needs and achieve your desired results. 



Once we receive your lab results, we’ll meet 1:1 to review the findings, identifying opportunities for optimization, present your personalized Pathway™ and begin treatment. We’ll also cover actionable goals for your specific fitness, diet and sleep protocols. 



At the end of your first 3 months, we’ll rerun labs and perform a comprehensive metabolic screening to see how your body is responding to your Pathway™ program, and check-in on the progress of your health protocols. 



In Month 4 we’ll conduct a deep dive into your lab results and evaluate key health and treatment performance indicators to determine how to fine-tune your Pathway™ to keep you trending towards your desired outcomes.



You’ve now been on your Pathway™ for 6 months. During this critical milestone, we will again, evaluate your feedback and, if necessary, adjust your treatment to continue moving you forward. We’ll discuss advanced therapy options and additional health protocols.  



At 9 months, we’ll check-in to see how you’re progressing with your protocols and treatment plan. We’ll continue to optimize programming based on your feedback and provide additional recommendations around advanced therapy options. 



You’ve completed the first year with VIOS. As you meet and progress closer to your goals, it’s time to update your Pathway™ and set your course for the next set of life-changing milestones.  

"I'm dealing with the experts."

"You have all the answers, but your approach is practical and easy to understand. I can trust that the direction I'm given is exactly right for me."

S.M., 31 years old - Property Manager

"Don't know where I'd be without them."

"Over the last 3 years my life has completely changed. You won't find a better team that's more professional and cares about your results than VIOS."

T.H., 36 years old - Chemical Engineer

"I'm a better man for it."

"Despite my active lifestyle, my wife was always worried about my health. I'm fitter, sharper and more present than I've ever been, and she's never be happier."

O.L., 36 years old - EMT

Live your life without limitations. The journey to the new you, begins today.
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