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The one-stop, Total men's health CLINIC you've been WAITING for.

Becoming a VIOS man opens the door to a variety of treatment and service options. While some patients may require more support with hormone optimization or management of chronic illness, all our leading experts in fitness, nutrition, and health are here to support you on your journey to the new you. Here are a few of our offered services: 

Weight Loss Programs
Individualized programs that align to your health profile and provide lasting results.
Body Composition
Customized treatments for reducing fat mass and developing the physique you desire.
Sexual Health
Support for erectile dysfunction, improved libido function and a healthier sex life.
Hormone Optimization
Cutting-edge analysis and treatment options for balancing your hormone profile.
Testosterone Replacement Therapy
Comprehensive solutions for testosterone optimization and on-going management.
Peptide Therapy
Expertise and treatments for fat loss, muscle growth, healing, HGH promotion, and more.
Primary Medical Care
Your first-contact support for all acute medical needs.
Preventative Medicine
Evaluations and testing for signs of acute and chronic diseases & disorders.
Chronic Illness Management
Support for chronic diseases ranging from diabetes to heart, respiratory health & more.
Nutrition Consulting
Diet and nutritional support for optimizing your treatment and programming.
Fitness & Training Protocols
Training and fitness programming that meets your lifestyle and goals.
Annual Health Screenings
Annual Health Screening: Annual testing and evaluation to optimize your physical and emotional well-being.

The Benefits of a Total Care Solution

As we age, time and biology work against us, making it more difficult to achieve the results you're looking for.

However, a holistic solution to your health management amplifies the effects of your treatment, providing a compounding effect that delivers a quicker result that lasts.

With proper total-body optimization, you'll look better, feel better and have the confidence of knowing you're living a healthier and more balanced life.

Home or Office Delivery

Getting to a clinic to pick up your monthly treatment isn't always convenient. Use our discrete, home or office delivery service to get your refills with the click of a mouse.

"I can't recommend this place enough."

"I'm not shy. When someone asks me about how I put on so much muscle and lost the weight, I tell them. VIOS."

D.J., 34 years old - Physical Therapist

"I feel like I got years back on my life."

"I have been work with VIOS for about 2 years. I feel like I'm 18 again. I lost my belly fat, and my muscle mass has gone way up."

V.M., 35 years old - Dentist

"They really understood my goals."

"I didn't want to become a meathead or gym rat. I just wanted to feel better. After a few months I feel great and am looking better than ever."

C.V., 37 years old - IT Manager

Live your life without limitations. The journey to the new you, begins today.
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